About Woodspan

At Woodspan we provide sustainable mass timber solutions for residential and commercial building projects. We are a proudly New Zealand owned manufacturer and fabricator of PLT (Parallel Laminated Timber) mass timber panels and glulam engineered wood products.

When you choose Woodspan you’ll get a dedicated team who will work with you to provide the mass timber solution, that’s perfect for your project. Not only do we customise each product to spec, but we will also deliver your PLT timber panels to site, ready for installation, when you want them. Making your life easier is what we do.




We’ve made it easy to construct a more sustainable building.

Part of Taranakipine, an experienced and trusted manufacturer of engineered timber products including glulam for over 35 years, our team is focused on providing sustainable, high quality product solutions to the building industry.

Our team is passionate about delivering a quality mass timber solution on time and to schedule, creating long standing, trusted relationships with our customers.

Innovation is at our roots


Wood from renewable forests is the only truly sustainable construction material available. Wood acts as a carbon store – a vital tool in helping to combat climate change. Woodspan PLT is manufactured from 100% New Zealand Radiata pine logs from sustainably managed plantation forests.

At Woodspan we are committed to combating climate change and the waste that comes with working in the construction industry, by promoting a clean environment and minimising our environmental footprint. We apply this philosophy to both our mass timber products and our manufacturing processes.


Tom Boon

Chief Executive

Jared Wilson

Market Manager

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Business Development Manager

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Production Leader

The Woodspan


At Woodspan we fabricate our PLT panels and glulam beams using the most advanced CNC processing technology available worldwide. Installed in 2019, our Hundegger Robot Drive has two processing spindles; an 800mm diameter 5-axis saw and a 6-axis robot head that can access all six sides of the timber component without having to turn the panel or beam over, greatly increasing production efficiency. The CNC machine is driven by CAMBIUM software developed specifically by Hundegger to aid DFMA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly) principles.

Our machine can process laminated timber cross-sections 300mm high, 1250mm wide and up to 10 metres long. With this capability we can process a standard Woodspan PLT floor panel from start to finish in approximately six minutes, to extremely precise dimensional accuracies.

For our customers there are two key benefits – reducing construction time at the building site due to short installation time, and improved building component quality due to the accuracy of controlled offsite manufacturing.

PLT Installation

Installation of Woodspan PLT is significantly faster than more traditional construction methods. The Woodspan Design & Install Guide provides guidance to construction professionals preparing for installation.

To view an animation of a Woodspan PLT panel installation simply head to our YouTube channel.

Youtube Channel

“If we have small units requiring mezzanines we would definitely have Woodspan involved. It takes out painting and fire considerations and is good from a building, value and engineering perspective. PLT ticks all the boxes.”


Barend Davis, Macrennie Construction – Auckland, New Zealand

“It was our first PLT install and it went super well. I hope to see more of this in the future“


Cameron Duffy – Site Supervisor, Pepper Construction – Taranaki, New Zealand