Designed for durability, our high-quality engineered PLT products are a more sustainable option than traditional materials like steel, concrete and other glulam engineered wood products available. 

Our PLT solutions are manufactured using sustainable New Zealand timber, less harmful chemicals and processes specifically designed to reduce waste and the product’s overall carbon footprint.



We undertook an independent assessment on an apartment block comparing a PLT panel mid-floor installation, to a traditional timber floor joist/plywood system. The PLT floor was completed in two days compared to two weeks for the floor joist system.

PLT stands for parallel laminated timber and CLT stands for cross laminated timber. Their use and application is similar with the key difference being that in PLT, all laminates run in the same direction of the grain with the timber working on its edge. Each panel is effectively 21 joists working as a single unit. CLT laminates however are laid-up on their flat face with every second laminate layer running across the grain. While CLT panels are larger in dimension than PLT panels, PLT panels have a longer span for the same panel thickness.

Maximum length: 7.2m
Maximum width: 890mm
Maximum depth: 140mm

An important consideration when using an offsite manufactured product is the shop drawing process.

For a small project this may be as fast as 1 to 2 weeks. For larger, more complex projects, reviewing and signing off on shop drawings may take a month or more. Once shop drawings are signed off, then allow 8 – 10 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

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Installation of Woodspan PLT is significantly faster then more traditional construction methods. The Woodspan Design & Install Guide (download here) provides guidance to construction professionals preparing for installation. Installation of Woodspan PLT is significantly faster then more traditional construction methods.


“If we have small units requiring mezzanines we would definitely have Woodspan involved. It takes out painting and fire considerations and is good from a building, value and engineering perspective. PLT ticks all the boxes.”


Barend Davis, Macrennie Construction – Auckland, New Zealand

“It was our first PLT install and it went super well. I hope to see more of this in the future“


Cameron Duffy – Site Supervisor, Pepper Construction – Taranaki, New Zealand