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Offsite construction, or prefabrication, is becoming more prevalent in the construction industry because it offers many advantages over traditional on-site construction methods. Benefits include cost reduction, faster timeframes, improved building quality and consistency, better worksite safety, waste reduction, and sustainability.


To get the best out of PLT,
Talk to us nice and early in the design process.

It doesn’t cost anything to pick up the phone and have a conversation to investigate using Woodspan’s PLT panel system for your next project. The best time to think about utilising PLT panels is right at the start of the design process as product substitution is not easy with such an integral part of the building structure.

Outlined below are the typical stages in both traditional and pre-fabricated building projects. Once a project is live there is some time involved in finalising design and then producing and approving shop drawings. However, this can often run concurrently with early site works, meaning a reduced overall build time is possible.


Typical traditional project schedule:



Typical offsite manufacturing project schedule:



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