Less is More with Woodspan

With a mission to combat climate change and tackle the challenges of reducing construction waste, the team at Woodspan are celebrating their Less is More approach to mass timber construction.

With efficient offsite manufacturing capabilities and a dedication to only producing material that is needed, their PLT panels are a double win when it comes to sustainable timber production.

The product is only produced when required, with each individual component modelled during the shop drawing process, to get the exact measurements, and then throughout manufacturing all the processes are optimised to reduce and reuse excess material.

Onsite this means no cutting to size is required, with the protective packaging and straps the only waste that needs to be managed. A significant difference to traditional construction methods where timber is cut to length onsite, with offcuts to dispose of, all contributing to waste downsides.

This commitement to sustainable building has been highlighted at a recent project, Te Huhu Raupo, in partnership with Te Whatu Ora.

The renal unit at Taranaki Base Hospital provides an exceptional user experience in an economic and low environmental impact building. The PLT structure added value as a structurally efficient way to span the valley, with fast installation and reduced labour costs.

Jared Wilson, Market Manager Woodspan adds,

“This project was a true highlight and shows that sustainablility goals can be achieved with commercial and large-to-medium residential builds. We were beyond happy that we managed to deliver product for this project with zero plastic wrapping and generated no offcuts onsite”.

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